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Geology and Mineralization

The regional geology consists of the Grenville Province of the Canadian Shield. This area shows a series of lithological units from Proterozoic intrusives and Metamorphic rocks to Quaternary deposits.The Property is underlain by quartz and garnet gneisses and pure quartzite enclaves and/or stratigraphic units of the De La Galette Formation which is part of the Des Martres Group within the Tadoussac Complex.


The La Galette Formation is folded and faulted with high grade metamorphism of the amphibolite to granulite facies. The stratigraphic units are NE trending and characterize overturned synform near the northwestern boundary of the Saint-Urbain Anorthosite. The Quartzite units which are located in the Petit Lac Malbaie area, are oriented N55°E. These were identified as zones “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E” and “G”. Three (3) Quartzite lenses or lithostratigraphic units (Zones “F”, “H” and “I”) were observed to be oriented E-W (approximately N80°E). The Petit Lac Malbaie, nine (9) Quartzite Deposits (“A” to “I”), are described to be:


  • Coarse grained, massive, locally fractured and schistose.

  • Composed of 98% to 99% quartz with trace to 1% biotite ± traces of muscovite, hematite, fuschite, rutile and ilmenite commonly associated with red quartzite. Local clusters of sillimanite with pyrite can also be observed.

  • The maximum thickness is 260 meters with average thickness of 150 m.


The quartzite zones or deposits are classified as: white and grey stratigraphic units; red and pink when altered with iron and near contact zones where the reddish coloration is caused by iron oxides along fine fractures and contact zones.


The Property hosts at least two (2) known mineralized zones that correspond to silica rich quartzite units (“D” and “G”) of the Petit Lac Malbaie Segment of the La Galette Formation which are the main mineralization of interest. Quartzite “G” was the subject of limited exploration work in the past; it is easily accessible by secondary logging roads and 4X4 vehicles. It is located in the central southwest part of the Property, extends SW and NE (N50E-N60°E) laterally, dips sub-vertically and reaches widths of approximately 250 meters at places.

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