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The quarry area is regionally situated near the contact of Paleozoic Sedimentary rocks of the Gull River Formation and the Proterozoic metamorphic rocks of the Canadian Shield.  The Paleozoic Sedimentary rocks are composed of very fine-grained, light grey to brown limestone and greenish grey to tan weathering dolostone.

Rogue completed a total of 6 shallow diamond drill holes for a total of 38.7 metres, as part of its due diligence process on the property, to qualify the limestone units and bed thickness over the quarry license area as well as the overall thickness of the Gull River Formation.  Based on the results of the 2019 drilling, Rogue gained comfort in the existence of marketable units continuing deeper in the limestone and was able to model out future production by product type.

Orilla Quarry - Geology Map.jpg
Orillia Quarry - DDH Location Map.jpg
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