Rogue acquired the Bobcaygeon Quarry in October of 2019 and restarted operations with the first shipment of limestone products to customers in November 2019.  In November and December Rogue focused on selling existing inventory, improving the site conditions, clearing new areas for limestone excavation, ramping up operations, increasing shipment volumes and generating sales.

The Bobcaygeon Quarry is located at 48 Ties Mountain Road, Township of Harvey, Municipality of Trent Lakes, County of Peterborough and is approximately 10 km east of the Town of Bobcaygeon.  The property is 100 acres / 40.5 hectares in size, referred to as Part of Lot 22 and has a Class B Aggregate Licence 20375 to extract up to 20,000 tonnes of Natural Stone per year. 

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Access to the quarry can be gained by means of paved roads, Quarry Road and Ties Mountain Road, joining the north side of the quarry with Highway 36.  The nearby community of Bobcaygeon provides access to all services, supplies and quarry personnel.  


The Bobcaygeon Quarry License covers an area of 12.3 hectares within the larger land package of 40.5 hectares.  Rogue Stone (2712428 Ontario Inc.) holds an 85% interest in the property with the remaining 15% held by a private company which vended the Quarry to Rogue.

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