2014-2015 BULK SAMPLE

Victoria Gold Mines (East Timmins) Ltd completed a 100K MT bulk sampling program from the Golden Arrow Pit from May 2014 to October, 2015. A total of 96K  tonnes were delivered to the Holt Mill (owned then St Andrews Goldfields, now owned by Kirkland Lake Gold).  Holt is 67 km by road from Golden Arrow, through the town of Matheson.

Approximately 4K tonnes were processed through the Stock Mill (owned by McEwen Mining).  Stock is 32 km from Golden Arrow.

The following table summarizes the results of the bulk sampling campaigns through the Holt Mill.

(Unfortunately, similar detail is not available for the 4K tonnes sent to Stock.)

Past Production

It is not known what quantities of material were removed by drifting and cross-cutting during mining on the 250 and 400 foot levels in the 1940s and an undetermined tonnage of low grade material was left on a surface stockpile when Pamour Porcupine Mines ceased mining in 1982.

Pamour mined down to the floor of the 170 foot bench before shutting the open pit down in May of 1982.  Total past production is about 303,500 tons at a grade of 0.063 opt Au (275,000 tonnes @ 2.2 gpt Au). The grade is assumed to be the recovered grade but no records confirming this have been located.

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